Richardson & Company, LLP is pleased to offer the following services:

Audit and Tax Services

  • Audits, Reviews and Compilations
  • SEC Compliance and Reporting
  • Compliance Audits, including Single Audits
  • Forensic and Investigative Auditing
  • Agreed-Upon Procedures Auditing
  • Tax Preparation and Planning
  • Estimated Tax Calculations
  • Income Tax Accounting


Richardson & Company, LLP services to governments and other organizations has included performing investigative, forensic agreed-upon procedures audits. Our audit results have been made public by the governments involved and extensively reported in the local and statewide news media. The FBI, District Attorney’s office and IRS Criminal Investigation Division have met with us and reviewed our workpapers to assist them with their follow-up investigations. We have testified in court and given depositions related to this work. In one situation, the general manager and his assistant served federal prison sentences after our testimony in federal court. The financial and forensic audits we performed for a large Sacramento area water district received extensive statewide news media and legislative attention and changed the way water district audits are conducted throughout the state.