Quality Services Delivered by More Experienced Professionals

In any service organization, it is the people who make the difference. Substantially, all of our professional staff are CPAs. The quality of our services exceeds that of national and other larger firms because our firm uses more experienced professionals to actually perform the work. Larger firms typically rely heavily on junior level staff to perform their services with minimal hands-on or on-site direction. We plan to have directors and managers spend a significant portion of our total engagement time because significant and timely executive involvement is the cornerstone of our quality control procedures. Since we emphasize the involvement of directors and managers in all aspects of the engagement, you can be assured you will receive the highest level of service delivered by highly qualified people.

While larger and other firms may be able to demonstrate significant amounts of firm-wide experience in the areas of expertise needed to provide the services you require, the specific individuals they actually assign to your engagement may not have the specific experience you need. The staff we assign to your engagement will have this specific experience.

Our Commitment to Staffing Continuity

Our firm has been able to provide staffing continuity of our engagement personnel that is uncharacteristic of other firms, especially larger firms. Ingrid Sheipline has worked for the firm since its inception, and five years prior to that while with an international Big-Four CPA firm. Brian Nash has been with our firm his entire public accounting career. A number of our managers have been with our firm about half the years our firm has been in existence or longer.

While no firm may guarantee there will not be turnover of staff assigned to an engagement, the history of our firm has shown minimal turnover in the key positions of director and manager. Since significant and timely involvement of our directors and managers during fieldwork and other engagement phases is a cornerstone of our quality control procedures, it can be assured there will be little, if any, turnover in the key personnel assigned to the engagement.